Shipping Information

We don't charge for shipping.  We have all had an online shopping experience where we stock our cart with stuff we are excited to buy, only to get to the checkout and realize they are going to charge an exorbitant amount for shipping and "handling".  We can ship most of our stuff First Class Mail, so it keeps the cost really low for us and your order still arrives quickly.

All of our shirts are made when they are ordered, which allows us to offer a wide variety of colors and styles at a reasonable price.  For this reason, please allow 2-7 business days for shipment.  If you need a rush shipment for a gift or an event, please let us know.  We can almost always accommodate (hey, we all procrastinate on those things, right?).    

Free returns and exchanges.  Just send us an email if there is a quality issue or if it doesn't fit, and we'll be happy to exchange it for free. We just want you to have a quality product that you can proudly wear to show your state pride.

Any questions, fee free to contact us!